«FIRM MOKA» Ltd was set up in 1989.

The main activities are:

During long years of activities «FIRM MOKA» Ltd has created the broad network of suppliers on all the territory of the Republic of Belarus and material resources allowing annual increase of purchases volumes, processing and manufacture of competitive production and good sales.

The industrial material resources of the enterprise in Grodno include:

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus the company has 9 industrial bases and more than 150 mobile procurement stations.

The assortment of produced goods includes IQF mushrooms, berries, vegetables, mushrooms in brine and dried mushrooms and frozen snails.

«FIRM MOKA» Ltd is completely provided by technical-legal normative acts for all production.

In 2000 the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus gave to our company the veterinary certificate on the processed grape snails under № 004 that allowed delivering of our production to the European Union.

In 2004 the company got the certificates ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP that guarantees high quality of our production.

Opened in 2005 the specialized complex of low-temperature for processing wild-growing mushrooms and berries as well as fruit and vegetables allows manufacturing of 21 600 tons IQF production in a year or 48 million packages of packed production and storage of more than 1000 tons of finished goods.